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Legion Esports 2018~



Blade and Soul Tournament Patch Notes 12/12/2017

We are always looking forward to improve our Blade & Soul tournaments and also updating our brackets with different prizing.

Together with NCSOFT, we have widen the prizing to provide better prizes for the 4th, 5th and 6th places in our weekly tournaments. Also, we are holding a cool giveaway with NoPing to make your games smoother!

We will go live with the new prizes and bracket format next Saturday on December 23, so make sure to sign up for it!


Bracket system (two stages)

The new bracket works this way:

Once the number of signed up participants for the tournament has reached 16, it will switch to a two-stage format. The participants will be split into two groups and won’t be facing each other until the finals. After all matches have concluded in the first stage, we will proceed to the final stage with one winner from each bracket fighting for the first place. If 3rd place, 4th place, 5th place or 6th place cannot be determined and ends up in tie, we will be doing a tie-breaker for those matches. The point of this is to separate the players and to create more diverse matches. We will also be capping the tournament to 16 participants in total.

For example:

Participant 1 and 13 will be fighting for first and second places.

Participant 2 and 11 will be fighting for third and fourth places.

Participant 4 and 10 will be fighting for fifth and sixth places.

You can preview the brackets here to get a better idea on how it will look in the end.

Prizing Blade And Soul

  1. 2400 Hongmoon Coins || 3 Million Exp Charms || 1x Red Glasses
  2. 1200 Hongmoon Coins || 1 Million & 600k Exp Charms || 1x Red Glasses
  3. 600   Hongmoon Coins || 800k Exp Charms
  4. 400k Exp Charms || 30x Elysian Crystals
  5. 20x Elysian Crystals
  6. 10x Elysian Crystals



Noping has provided us 30 keys of 7 days trial and we are giving them away to 30 lucky players. We tested it and interestingly enough, compared with other similar tools, our games felt smoother with NoPing.

You can claim your key at one of our moderators in our Discord. Be quick about it since our supply is limited! You can use Noping for Blade and Soul and other games as well!

Use the link here to access NoPing:

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Blade and Soul: Rumble in the Realm IV

Are you ready for Rumble in the Realm IV ?

Legion Esports presents Rumble in the Realm IV double-elimination Blade and Soul tournament for North America and Europe!
This time around we bring  you a 1v1 tournament and a 3v3 tournament.
Who will take the podium this time? Can you become the new Rumble in the Realm champion?
Gather up your teammates and show your teamwork in the 3vs3 tournament!
Join and prove your strenght!


1 vs 1 Double Elimination!

Registration / Bracket announcement:

  • November 2: Registration for 1v1 opens
  • November 16 7pm CET/10am PST: Registration for 1v1 closes
  • November 17 7pm CET/10am PST: 1v1 Brackets announcement


Tournament dates:

  • November 18 7pm CET/10am PST: EU 1v1 tournament
  • November 19 10pm CET/1pm PST: NA 1v1 tournament
  • November 20: 7pm CET / 10am PST: EU 1v1 Semifinals and Finals
  • November 20: 1am CET(November 21th) / 4pm PST: NA 1v1 Semifinals and Finals

How to register:

1v1 Sign-ups
EU –
NA –


1st place
– $300 USD
– Corsair K70 LUX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

2nd place
– $200 USD
– Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB Optical MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse + Corsair MM3000 Extended Mousepad

3rd place
– $100 USD
– Corsair VOID PRO RGB USB Premium Gaming Headset

4th place:
– $50 USD in Hongmoon Coin

In Additon:
1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th:

– Choice of one of the following costumes:

  • School Days
  • Teacher’s Pet
  • Colorful Silks



3 vs 3 Double Elimination!

Registration / Bracket announcement:

  • November 2: Registration for 3v3 opens
  • November 30 7pm CET/10am PST: Registration for 3v3 closes
  • December 1 7pm CET/10am PST: 3v3 Brackets announcement


Tournament dates:

  • December 2 7pm CET/10am PST: EU 3v3 tournament
  • December 3 10pm CET/1pm PST: NA 3v3 tournament
  • December 4: 7pm CET/ 10am PST: EU 3v3 Semifinals and Finals
  • December 4: 1am CET(November 5th)/ 4pm PST: NA 3v3 Semifinals and Finals


How to register:

3v3 Sign-ups
EU –
NA –

Make sure to include all participants in your team here!

1st place:

– $1,200 USD

2nd place:
– $900 USD

3rd place:
– $600 USD

4th place:
– $30 USD in Hongmoon Coin

In Additon:
1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th:
– Choice of two of the following costumes per team member:

  • School Days
  • Teacher’s Pet
  • Colorful Silks



Joining our discord is mandatory for participants!

  • Check in over Discord
  • Live support for the event
  • Communication during tournament

Join our discord and write in #role_request channel $iam rumble .



Boss Mode, Speakeasy and Red Glasses! Join our giveaway! [For BNS fans!]

Legion Esports is hosting another giveaway for Blade and Soul in-game items! Boss Mode for Discord, Speakeasy + Red Glasses for Facebook and Twitter!
Rules are simple.

1. Use our bot command ($iam giveaway) to join giveaway in #role-request channel.
2. Set your profile picture to one of prepared Legion Esports logos that you can find at #giveaway_logos.
3. Do not change the profile picture for the duration of the giveaway or you will be removed from the giveaway!

1. Like our Facebook at
2. Share the giveaway post from our facebook page!

1. Follow our Twitter at
2. Retweet our giveaway!

Giveaway ends at 11.09.2017!


The Repetition Players Face in Arena


 “It’s kinda boring repeating the same thing over” – Yis


Currently many players in Blade and Soul’s arena are locked in a cycle of constant repetition, as they fail to make progress in the ladder. Players bounce in and out of the same rating without making advancements in their play leading to frustration and a dwindling arena population. In this article, I will discuss the problems that resulted in the current state of the arena.

The Dead Zone


Because of the small player base this game has there already exists a gap between the top-tiers and the rest of the players known as the “dead zone”.

Over time Blade and Soul has had its arena scene decline in population resulting in the pyramid structure having a dead zone due to high skill stratification that naturally arises in competitive games. The dead zone makes it unrealistic for new players to improve because of the huge skill gap between players. They are unable to realistically become a top tier because they cannot see what separates them from top tier which causes a repetition of climbing and losing after a certain point.  An example of this would be the important of trying to bait out tab while managing your cool downs. An inexperienced player would not know the optimal combo for their class and would not try to avoid tab.


Lack of Incentives


This also brings up another point which is that there is no incentive to get new people to play arena. Rewards provide no incentives for people who participate in raids and dungeons seeing as how decent rewards are at the top only and it is unrealistic for them to become top. They will be lacking in knowledge that they generally do not pick up without guidance. They also will not have the opportunity of climbing tier by tier like in the past. They will simply just queue and get frustrated from not knowing how to improve and seeing what makes other players better. The lack of an incentive causes the arena community only to get smaller and smaller from how it was originally and never expand. A good example of an incentive is providing better ways to actually obtain items through arena. There should also be more exclusive costumes for arena since fashion is the true end game of most Blade and Soul players.


Ladder Versus Tournaments


There’s also a huge difference between ladder and online tournaments. Whenever a player queues on ladder they state that it is like a slot machine. If they get a good class match up they will win and if they do not they will lose. There is also a factor of who they get so a player can get high plat without facing any top tiers and think they are good. However, in tournaments the change of running into a top tier is guaranteed if they want to perform well. Then this sudden feeling of seeing how a top player plays and the difference between them comes rushing into them. It’s generally impossible to face a top tier on ladder unless you are one. However tournaments provide a way for players to face these people and realize what they still need to improve on.

Company Opinion


Now let’s take a look at NCSOFT’s perspective. NCSOFT was asked a series of questions and decided to share their answers with the communities.  Here are the questions being asked and their response in red.

Overall, what is your opinion of arena based on current player behavior?

We’ve seen a lot of good competition, but we know there are plenty of skilled B&S players who need to get into the PVP arena! We have Regional Championships in both North America and Europe coming up, including Wildcard Tournaments, so it’s time for all those skilled players to really step up to the plate and begin competing for serious prizes. In general, we’re hoping that by stepping up our commitment to official esports tournaments that we’ll see the overall skill of players in the arena lift. Tl;dr: we want to see more people git gud.

What was the purpose of the disconnect system that makes player lose 60 points and prevents them from entering arena for a period of time?

We consider this a “leaver” penalty, designed to discourage players who intentionally disconnect from the game in order to gain a favourable matchup.

Do you believe this system helps or hurts the community more than the other?

As we commit NCSOFT West resources to setting up legitimate esports events, we need to ensure that no one is gaming the system to get ahead in the rankings, and this is the solution that is working for us currently. It’s not to say we’re not looking at other ways to level the playing field, but right now it’s what we feel is most fair.  

What was the purpose of the “duel match battle frenzy”?

Like we mentioned earlier, we’re trying to get more players into the competitive mind space, and we feel that it’s something that’ll encourage more people to test their skills in the arena!

Do you believe the community is overall satisfied, neutral, or unsatisfied with arena? Based on what you answer please provide reasons for why you believe the community feels this way.

The arena, as a concept, is one of Blade & Soul’s strengths as it highlights the skill involved in the action combat system. The fact that it is equalized in terms of stats and places an emphasis on player skill in order to win is also well-received. I haven’t heard anyone complain that gear scores should be included in Arena; and I’ve seen others tout the equalization as a selling point to play the game.

Now with this it becomes possible to see the reasons behind some of the existing systems in the game. NCSOFT is willing to step up their commitment and hopes to see the same from their players. They are looking after players and making an effort to make sure no one can game the system. However, it appears difficult to see how this system prevents people from cheating the system: especially if there is no benefit in trying to disconnect and queue again when there is still the risk of running into the same player over and over because of a small player base. This system hurts the community more and may discourage players from even playing when they disconnect from the game in a match. Hopefully there will eventually be a new better replacement for this system. The duel match battle frenzy also completely misses its mark and fails to actually encourage any players to queue in arena. There is just no point in extra zen beans for someone who plays arena only and has all the necessary “HM skills” needed.

Game Promotes Skill

For the last question I do believe that gear equalization is a good trait of Blade & Soul. The goal is to promote actual skill over gear. However, if the goal is to promote and encourage skill in the arena scene, then current balance patches do not prove this case since; players are unable to compensate the disadvantages they have in a matchup with skill. This brings up the point that there is no dedicated PVP balancing and how PVE class changes can influence PVP balance. Also, if the focus of NCSOFT by getting rid of gear in arena is to promote skill; then there certainly needs to be a change to integrated RNG mechanics that happen in arena.

The Solution

The arena needs some improvements but not many. NCSOFT needs to do a better job of persuading players into queuing and creating a better competitive atmosphere. They should also find a better replacement for the current leaver penalty system because unfortunately, that harms the community more than helps it. There also needs to be a growth in the actual player base. This doesn’t mean that more people need to join the game but specifically that NCSOFT should encourage players into joining the arena scene. It may seem like a lot however; this game is still doing well and in a good state at the moment. At this point things can only get better for the game.



Legion Esports [BNS] – LFP event

If you are still looking for a team, we will be helping you to create a team and register it for the Regionals. The event shall take place in our public BnS Discord.




Supervisor for 18:00 – 21:00 CEST (06/06/2017) / 09:00 PST – 12:00 PST (06/06/2017)

@Kiyohíme [NA]

Supervisor for 0:00 – 03:00 CEST (07/06/2017)/ 13:00 PST – 17:00 PST (06/06/2017)


Supervisor for 06:00 – 9:00 CEST (07/06/2017) / 21:00 – 00:00 PST (07/06/2017)

Extra help:

At those times, the supervisors will be active and help you out with getting a team. Feel free to message them privately or just tag them in the #general chat of Discord. We will give more info about the event once the first event starts. If you have any questions, feel free to tag/message us on Discord!