Blade and Soul Tournament Patch Notes 12/12/2017

We are always looking forward to improve our Blade & Soul tournaments and also updating our brackets with different prizing.

Together with NCSOFT, we have widen the prizing to provide better prizes for the 4th, 5th and 6th places in our weekly tournaments. Also, we are holding a cool giveaway with NoPing to make your games smoother!

We will go live with the new prizes and bracket format next Saturday on December 23, so make sure to sign up for it!


Bracket system (two stages)

The new bracket works this way:

Once the number of signed up participants for the tournament has reached 16, it will switch to a two-stage format. The participants will be split into two groups and won’t be facing each other until the finals. After all matches have concluded in the first stage, we will proceed to the final stage with one winner from each bracket fighting for the first place. If 3rd place, 4th place, 5th place or 6th place cannot be determined and ends up in tie, we will be doing a tie-breaker for those matches. The point of this is to separate the players and to create more diverse matches. We will also be capping the tournament to 16 participants in total.

For example:

Participant 1 and 13 will be fighting for first and second places.

Participant 2 and 11 will be fighting for third and fourth places.

Participant 4 and 10 will be fighting for fifth and sixth places.

You can preview the brackets here to get a better idea on how it will look in the end.

Prizing Blade And Soul

  1. 2400 Hongmoon Coins || 3 Million Exp Charms || 1x Red Glasses
  2. 1200 Hongmoon Coins || 1 Million & 600k Exp Charms || 1x Red Glasses
  3. 600   Hongmoon Coins || 800k Exp Charms
  4. 400k Exp Charms || 30x Elysian Crystals
  5. 20x Elysian Crystals
  6. 10x Elysian Crystals



Noping has provided us 30 keys of 7 days trial and we are giving them away to 30 lucky players. We tested it and interestingly enough, compared with other similar tools, our games felt smoother with NoPing.

You can claim your key at one of our moderators in our Discord. Be quick about it since our supply is limited! You can use Noping for Blade and Soul and other games as well!

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