Legion Esports recruitment begins!

Legion Esports Community Programs


Legion was originally founded by a bunch of people who wanted to host community tournaments for Blade and Soul. After a long way we have evolved into a much greater Esports company that hosts many tournaments. We are currently engaging in two different scenes; Blade and soul and Playersunknown’s Battleground. Our mission is to bring out the best of you, explore your talents & strengths.


– Web developers

“I was always looking for opportunities to be a part of a eSports community. I`m not a great player, but I’m good in other things, like web developing and

Legion Esports offered me the chance to use and enhance my skills.” @Enfrax


      – Media team

“It has been an amazing experience working for Legion. Meeting and interacting with hardworking people has helped me develop my skills as a

video editor, as well as offering me a chance on developing a huge online community!” @Aias


– Caster

“Legion has provided me with an absolute abundance of opportunities of casting a variety of games, even finding connections to allow me to cast live

events. These guys genuinely care about esports and it is an honor to be working with them” @A_lilfuzzyseal


We are also looking for a whole new department

– Article writers and Social media


If you are interested in eSports and you want to be on the side who creates awesome tournaments for people to watch and play in, then Legion Esports is the right place for you.

Begin your journey with us!


– Some last words from our founder

Before everything exist I was looking for a place that I could get myself more involved with the Esports scene. After looking for a long time I decided

to create my own group which expanded into an organisation, creating contents, innovative tournaments and many more things you can imagine.

We are gamers creating a home for other gamers, if this becomes your career will you pursue it?


Apply here or you could hit up anyone from Legion management from our discord.