PUBG: EU Panmotional Open Season #1

The next step!

We want to thank everyone who participated in the last Panmotional tournament, now we are taking it one step further to the next level introducing our PUBG Panmotional seasons. For this to evolve into a big scene mainly focussed for the community. Looking back at all the feedbacks we have heard your voice! check our Tournament patch notes here.

Sign up and take part in a casted, streamed event with custom made trophy,
the “Panchampion”, awarded to the season winner!
Games will be broadcasted on our twitch channel.


We got our awesome Media Team that are going to create team cards for each participating team with your team logo and info for free.

Example: Team card Example

Please kindly provide us with your info after signing up for the tournament:

-Team Logo
-Team Name


Tell your friends, tell you parents, tell your dog! We need all the support we can get to. Leave a Like, hit the subscribe button on Youtube and Follow us on Twitch & Twitter. I mean like it’s free….sooo… why not? 😀



The dates are always based on Saturday (Start & Ending) and Sunday (1 week registration).

1st Registration  25.11.2017         Registration closed: 9.12.2017

2nd Registration 10.12.2017        Registration closed: 16.12.2017

3rd Registration 17.12.2017         Registration closed: 30.12.2017

4th Registration 31.12.2017         Registration closed: 06.01.2018


Tournament Dates: each Saturday 16:00 CET (Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Stockholm)

  • 09.12.2017 – 1st  Tournament
  • 16.12.2017 – 2nd Tournament
  • 30.12.2017 – 3rd  Tournament
  • 06.01.2018 – 4th  Tournament


Region: EU

Gamesettings and rules:

Sign Up via Xpulz platform:

Sign up : Click here

3 Rounds played for each tournament, points will be summed up each week and added to the leaderboard.


The first place of our season will be awarded with our custom made trophy the “Panchampion” at the seasons end.

Note: It’s mandatory for tournament participants to join our Discord to take part in the event.

Legion Esports Discord:


We will give away another FREE copy of PUBG during our season! Make sure to get that copy! It will make a nice christmas gift x)!

Join the giveaway and win PUBG copy!