legion esports rule book

Version I

Last update: 07/29/2017

1. General Rules


All of our rules are viewed and supported by the game publishers. We may adjust the rules weekly to meet the Terms and Conditions. Other rules such as ToS/EULA also apply as general rules within the Legion Esports tournaments. Please follow their own rules respectively. The Legion Esports staff is authorized to perform additional actions not listed in the rule book if necessary.

Overwatch ToS:




1.1. Teams and Players


All participants need to:


ai??? behave professionally towards other players and our Legion Esports staff.


ai??? be ready to reply to the Legion Esports staff at all times.


ai??? are obligated to join the Legion Esports Discord server https://discord.gg/66xCqcD


ai??? discord names shall be the same as the BattleNet names.



1.2. Player Code of conduct


All the following is considered as verbal abuse, and is strictly forbidden at any time of the tournament. In all situations, the Legion Esports staff has the right to make the final decision:


ai??? Real life threat.


ai??? Any kind of offensive languages.


ai??? Unprofessional sportsmanship (mocking etc.),


ai??? Racism or discrimination.


ai??? being disrespectful towards staff and other player.



1.3. Penalty


All registered players that are playing the game are allowed to report a player to the staff by sending a private message. However, if one wants to submit a report, he or she needs to provide a screenshot as proof. You can read the punishable behavior at 1.2 , 1.4 and 3.1.



1.4. Playerai??i??s personal Streaming


All players are allowed to stream their own games. However, the participants streaming need to put in a 60-seconds delay.



1.5. Scope of the rules


All the rules in this rule book apply not only for the tournaments, but to all the Legion Esports platforms like social media and the discord in general. Our staff will give a warning at the first time of the violation. If a player continues to violate the rules, our staff will take action accordingly.

All of the following is considered inappropriate and is not allowed by the Legion Esports at any times.


ai??? Not-safe-for-work comments, pictures or videos,


ai??? Racism or discrimination,


ai??? Real life threat,


ai??? Tagging or mentioning partners/ sponsors for no particular reason,

2. Tournament Process



2.1. Tournament Registration


The Teams, with all of their players need to be registered at the website of the bracket provider on time to participate in the tournament. The provider will be described within the details of the tournament in our discord channel. The registered names need to be the exact names of the userai??i??s battlenet name. Also, the Team-name needs to contain the Team-Leaders name.


Minimum players: 6

Maximum players : 6 + 2 (Substitutes)



2.2. Check-in


The Team leaders need to check-in 30 minutes prior to the tournament. The tournament Admin will then explain the proceedings of the tournament in detail. If a team leaders fails to check in on time, his/her team will be removed from the brackets and hence will be unable to participate in the tournament.



2.3. Map pick/veto


The map pick/veto process will be done with www.owdraft.com. The leaders of the opposing teams need to do this themselves, after the brackets have been announced in ai???tournament chatai??? at our discord. Instruction for the tool will be given within the check-in process and can also be looked up in the channel #tournament-guidelines.
The upper seed of the two teams can decide the first map to be played. After the first map, the loser of the last game decides the next map (of the remaining 2 in BO3, and 4 in BO5 and so on).

The captain of the team in the higher bracket is responsible for creating the draft and providing links to the opponent team captain.

This counts if the www.owdraft.com – tool is used otherwise as stated in the tournament description



2.4. Invitation for Stream


Streamed teams will be contacted by Legion Esports Staff before the start of the Round. The streamed game may be used and analyzed in our future YouTube series.



2.5. Game start


The teams must join the blue/red side depending on the brackets, announced in the tournament chat. The games can be played out, after the admin announces the start also via the tournament chat.



2.6. Pause


Each team can only initiate 2 pauses for each map.
A pause may not be longer than 2 minutes. At the end of 2 minutes, even if the reasons for pausing are not resolved the game must be unpaused.
Players can request to extend the pause for additional 2 minutes, which counts as second pause. If the team requested a pause prior, they can not extend the pause any further.
Players may initiate a pause only for lag or disconnections.
To unpause the match each team captain must signalize that his team is ready.



2.7. Reporting the Result of a Match


Only the team captain of the winner of the match needs to contact the admin with the final result of the match. Teams are not obligated to submit a screenshot after every game they have won.
Note that in case of both teams claiming to be the winner of the match a screenshot can be asked as proof by the admin and/or Legion Esports staff.


3. Overwatch rules


The Team Captain of the upper seed team is responsible for setting up the game lobby.


ai??? Ruleset: Competitive

ai??? Map Rotation: After a Mirror Map

ai??? Map selection: By Tournament description

ai??? Map Order: Single Map

ai??? Disable Kill Cam: On

ai??? All other settings: Default


4. No-Show


Please note that it is the team captainai??i??s responsibility to contact each other. Only after failing to get a response(within a couple minutes) with the opponent team captain may the captain contact the staff to start a missing timer. The missing timer will only start after the captain has contacted the tournament staff via private message.


Missing timer: 5 – minutes

After the missing timer is up, a no-show leads to that missing teamai??i??s default loss of the match.


5. Deceiving/Fakeinformation


We do not allow other players to play on your account. Doing so will result in a ban. Changing nicknames in progress of the tournament is not allowed. Only players with the name they registered in the tournament are allowed to play. Playernames need to stay the same throughout the tournament.
Win-trading is not allowed in the tournament.
Any attempts to deceive the Legion Esports staff or other participants with wrong or fake information will be punished.


6. Bug-Abuse/Third Party Software


Any form of cheating will be severely punished with a permanent ban. The Legion Esports staff will do an immediate investigation if the player is using any third party program and will deny or confirm this swiftly.

All kinds of bug abuse will be punished. The Legion Esports staff has the right to determine whenever the act has been committed or not. Depending on the severity of the violation, the violator may receive punishments such as Disqualification or Ban.

Players need to provide proof for cheating/Bugabusing to the Legion Staff in order to start the investigation.


7. Forfeiting


The players are allowed to forfeit during any time of the tournament by contacting the Legion Esports staff directly. However, the players are not allowed to re-join after forfeiting.
When a player forfeits, he or she automatically drops out of the tournament entirely and gives up all rights to claim any prizes of that tournament.