legion esports rule book

Version II

Last update: 03/30/2018

1. General Rules


All of our rules are viewed and supported by the game publishers. We may adjust the rules weekly to meet the Terms and Conditions. Other rules such as ToS/EULA also apply as general rules within the Legion Esports tournaments. Please follow their own rules respectively.



1.1. Individual Players



1.1.1. All participants need to behave professionally towards other players and our Legion Esports staff. In all circumstances do NOT share personal information with anyone that does not have an official tag of Legion in our Discord.


1.1.2. All participants need to be ready to reply to the Legion Esports staff at all times.


1.1.3. All participants are obligated to join the Legion Esports Discord server to participate:


1.2. Registration to tournament


1.2.1. Legion Esports will provide a registration form. Your team needs to be signed up in this form to be able to participate in the tournament.


1.2.2. Check in on time before the start of the tournament. Check in times will be provided by Legion Esports.


1.2.3. If a participant fails to check in on time, he or she will be removed from participant list and hence unable to participate in the tournament.


1.3. Personal Streaming


1.3.1. All players are allowed to stream. However, the participants streaming their own matches need to put in at least 180-seconds delay to record their own matches


1.3.2. It is required to put the Official name of the stream in your stream title.


1.4. No Verbal Abuse


All of the following is considered as verbal abuse, and is strictly forbidden at any time of the tournament. In all situations, the Legion Esports staff has the right to make the final decision.


1.4.1. Real life threat,


1.4.2. Any kind of offensive languages,


1.4.3. Unprofessional sportsmanship,


1.4.4. Racism or discrimination,


1.4.5. Disrespectful towards staff and other player,


1.4.6. All players are allowed to report a player to the staff by sending a private message. However, if one wants to submit a report, he or she needs to provide a screenshot or video as proof depending on circum.


1.5. Social Media


Please note that the rules in this section applies to all social media platforms that Legion Esports uses. Our staff will give a warning at the first time of the violation of the rules. If a player continues to violate the rules, our staff will take action accordingly. All of the following is considered inappropriate and is not allowed by the Legion Esports at any times.


1.5.1. Not-safe-for-work comments, pictures or videos,


1.5.2. Racism or discrimination,


1.5.3. Real life threat,


1.5.4. Tagging or mentioning partners/ sponsors for no particular reason,


1.5.5. Starting an argument in order to enrage another person or party. For example, in case of Discord, the Legion Esports staff may kick the responding player from the Legion Esports Discord permanently. A further example would be a time -out or a permanent ban from the Twitch chat. If a member of the community discovers any violation of the rules by another member, he or she is welcome to report that member in question to the staff by sending a screenshot as proof.


1.6. Teams


One player per team must be designated as team captain. The captain is responsible for communicating with other captains, admins and for relaying information to his/her team as well as registering team. Team captain is also the one who should check-in his team on discord.


1.6.1. Legion Esports has the right to change any name they deem inappropriate for any reason whatsoever. Team captain will be notified about this change.


1.6.2. You may not be in multiple teams.


1.6.3. Your team can have two substitute player.


1.6.4. You may not add/change players in your team or change team name during season duration. If you commit any of those your team will be removed from this weeks tournament.



1.7. Tournament cancelation


Legion Esports has right to cancel tournament if amount of players is below the required amount that has been announced on or in our Discord announcements text channel

2. How to Act During the Tournament


2.1.1. Use personal message on Legion Esports Discord to communicate with event staff.


2.2.1.The Team Captain must be contactable during the tournament at all times.


2.3. Invitation for Lobby

2.3.1. Lobby will be announced by Legion Esports Staff in #tournament_chat or over xpulz platform.


2.4. Stream

2.4.1. The streamed game may be used and analysed in our future YouTube series.

3. Match rules


3.1. Game Settings

Notable changes:


Phase 1. Shrink 0.35

Phase 2. Wait 130; Move 130; Shrink 0.57

Phase 3. Wait 90; DPS 1; Shrink 0.57

Phase 4. Wait 80; Move 140, DPS 3; Shrink 0.6

Phase 5. Wait 70; Move 110; DPS 5; Shrink 0.6

Phase 6. Wait 70; Move 110; DPS 7; Shrink 0.55

Phase 7. Wait 70; Move 80; DPS 9

Phase 8. Wait 60; Move 60; DPS 15

No Red zones
No cosmetic item spawn
First person perspective
Sunny Weather
Ammunition 1.5x
Assault rifle 2x

Point System:

Teams will earn points each round which will be summed up to a total determining the Winner of the Event.
The point Distribution is as follows:

1. Place 50 Points
2. Place 40 Points
3. Place 36 Points
4. Place 32 Points
5. Place 30 Points
6. Place 28 Points
7. Place 26 Points
8. Place 24 Points
9. Place 22 Points
10. Place 20 Points
11. Place 18 Points
12. Place 16 Points
13. Place 14 Points
14. Place 12 Points
15. Place 10 Points
16. Place 8 Points
17. Place 6 Points
18. Place 4 Points
19. Place 2 Points
20. Place 0 Points

Each Kill earns you 1 Point which will be added to your Round placement at the end of the round!

3.2. No-show


Please note that it is the participants responsibility to be on time.


3.2.1. Each team only has a limited time to show up to a match. Legion Esports will try to take contact with the missing team.


3.2.2. If the team does not show up on time, a no-show leads to that missing teams default loss of the match.


3.2.3. A no-show will result in a warning and later on will be punished in continued absence, if the player in question does not provide the Legion Esports staff with a reasonable explanation.


3.3. Third Party Programs


3.3.1. Any form of cheating will be severely punished with permanent ban. The Legion Esports staff will do an immediate investigation if the player is using any third party program and will deny or confirm this swiftly. The Legion Esports staff will hold the prizes for a couple of days to do a background check, if the accused player makes it into the prize pool or giveaway.


3.4. Deceiving


3.4.1. Any attempts to deceive the Legion Esports staff or other participants with wrong or fake information will be punished.


3.4.2. No win-trading is allowed in the tournament.


3.5. No Ringers or Fakers


3.5.1. We do not allow other players to play on your account. Doing so will result in ban of both parties.


3.6. Disconnection and Remake


3.6.1. If the game fails to start due to client issues the match will be remade. Legion Esports may order a game rematch due to exceptional circumstances, such as if bug significantly affects players ability to play or if match is disturbed by server crash.


3.6.2. In event where not enough players joined the lobby match will be restarted.


3.6.3. In case of players disconnection, team will have to continue to play without said player.


3.7. No Bug Abuse


All kinds of bug abuse will be punished. The Legion Esports staff has the right to determine whenever the act has been committed or not. Depending on the severity of the violation, the violator may receive punishments such as Disqualification or Ban.


3.8. Forfeiting


3.8.1. Players are allowed to forfeit during any time of the tournament by contacting the Legion Esports staff directly. However, the players are not allowed to re-join after forfeiting.


3.8.2. When a player forfeits, he or she automatically drops out of the tournament entirely and gives up all rights to claim any prizes of that tournament.


3.8.3. When such a case occurs, all ranks of the participants will automatically rise for one rank. For example, if the player in question forfeits after securing the third place, the player on rank 4 will rise to rank 3, the player on rank 5 will rise to rank 4, and the player on rank 6 will rise to rank 5.


3.9. Tiebreaker


In event of a point count tie the higher seed team is decided by total kill count and in event where this is also tied then administrator will organize fair tie-breaker at their sole discretion.